Day 6 “Fernie is Heaven” Sparwood to Fernie

She said:

Sparwood to Fernis

Since today was a short day we had the luxury of hanging out at the campsite doing crossword puzzles while the tent dried off. Most of todays ride was on the shoulder of a very busy road but the last 5 miles wound through beautiful farms, hayfields, and horse pastures. We had the road to ourselves except for a few elk that crossed in front of us and it was actually FLAT for a change.

Sparwood to Fernie

We had been looking forward to Fernie since we had heard it was a cool little ski town and also because we plan to take a much needed day off. The hotel we grabbed was next door to the Hostel where our friend was staying and he introduced us to a young guy from London who had done the ride from South to North  and was now near the end of his trip. He looked exhausted and was ready to go home but he still smiled and assured us we would love what was ahead.

Denise, Bob and fellow Divide Riders

At the Fernie Youth Hostel with Bob, and two other Great Divide Riders



Days Totals- 20.2 miles, 1 hr 40 mins, 117 feet climbing, 538 ft descent

Ride Totals 6 days- 190.6 miles, 24 hrs 5 mins, 10208 ft climbing, 10915 descent

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