Day 3 Engadine to Boulton Creek – She said

So the yurt kept us dry but definately NOT warm. We took our time packing up but finally hit the road, this time it was a hilly gravel road that nearly choked us in dust even though it had rained. We are still getting the hang of these heavy loads so loose gravel is not yet our friend, especially on a downhill. Rode through millions of daisies and ferns later in the day and ended up at the long anticipated Boulton Creek Trading Post. I thought we would have a nice lunch there but it was a 7-11 as far as food goes, nothing like a microwaved sandwich and a little Recoverite when your legs are shaking. Our options were stop and camp at a beautiful “primitive campground” ( as in no showers and a pit toilet, maybe a bear box rather than a tree to hide your food) or plod on and get over a steep, long pass that would be so great to have behind us. The legs said stop. How hard can a hill be with fresh morning legs anyway?

Day Totals –   21 miles,   2 hrs 20 mins,   925 ft climbing,  1322 ft descent

Ride Totals – 85 miles,  13 hrs 50 mins,  6791 ft climbing,  5777 ft descent

Day three primitive camp site

Day three primitive camp site

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